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At GrayFish Marketing, we believe that the design process is a collaboration. By combining our creative strengths with your in-depth understanding of the your industry, we will be able to create a communication tool that brings results.

A service for everyone.

Three simple options to get started today.





Up to 5 Page Website

Professional SEO Setup

Basic Website Security

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

**Hosting/url are not included**

Excellent for personal use or simple landing pages.





Up to 15 Page Website

Up to 15 Pages of Standard SEO Content (600+ words)

Upgraded Website Security

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

3 Month General Website Monitoring and Maintenance

**Hosting/url are not included**

Ideal for bloggers, startups, and businesses ready to grow.





A Website Exceeding 30 Pages

Up to 100 Pages of Expanded SEO Content (1000+ words)

Professional SEO Setup

Upgraded Website Security

**Hosting/url are not included**

Ideal for expanding companies wanting to reach larger audiences.

Have a different price in mind? Do you want more -or- less? Contact us today for a custom quote based on your goals and investment level. Your budget is our command.

Our goals with your business in mind

Here at GrayFish Marketing, we feel that an updated website is necessary to build your brand. Creating a digital presence for you will allow outreach across your demographic and an updated website will be a catalyst in achieving an upward source of revenue for the future of your company. With your best interests in mind, we have the skills and the right team in place to ensure that this website will be a reflection of you and your company.


We have the skills and ability to propose key design and functionality aspects to your website that will have an immediate and long-term impact on your brand. GrayFish Marketing will create a website for your business that will be a impressive reflection of your brand.


Officially launch business with an updated rebranding

Offers an increase in sales

Increased visibility

Build/maintain a steadily increasing client base

Boost your brand identity

Serve as a central hub for social media sites

Generate free publicity and advertising

Position you as a subject expert through blogging on and about your line of work

Have the capacity for future expansion such as an online marketplace, back-end client portals, and CRM inegrated through the website

We make google love you.

A modern and interactive user experience for all customers.

By instilling user friendly design concepts, customers will be able to easily navigate the site to find what they are looking for. This will result in:

  • Increased customer confidence
  • Reduce hard promotional costs
  • Cost-effective marketing strategies
  • Increased accessibilities for customers

An increased credibility of company.

Having a website that is a reflection of your company will benefit the overall legitimacy of the company. This will result in:

  • Customer engagement
  • Provide a viewpoint of the business as a whole
  • Reachability of business profile
  • Create return business
  • Create connections

Ability to reach your target audience.

A user friendly design rubric with web page sectioning, content organization, simple eye-catching color themes, and an easy-to-read font face and style will be used on the site to appeal to your target audience and beyond. As a result, the new website will:

  • Make it easier for new or returning clientele to find the information needed to contact you and to help them understand the benefits
  • Make it easier for the clientele to create a purchasing strategy for your product versus your competitors
  • Be connected to all of your social media profiles and act as a point of contact for the community
  • Allow for the general public to have a main point of contact for creating discussions and topics related to the business (media inquiries, community posts can refer to website pages and allow for better integration into mainstream media).

What's holding you back?

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Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why choose us

We don't assume we know it all. We start with a series of interviews with our potential clients that focuses on their specific business goals and start mapping out strategies to help achieve them online.


At GrayFish Marketing we love what we do. We love the Internet and the ever changing possibilities it brings us, the speed in which it evolves and the power it gives to communicate and inspire connectivity. This genuine passion for creativity, innovation, and quality, combined with our unique approach, makes us not just a reliable, friendly and expert extension to your team, but a lot of fun to work with.


We take great pride in our work and guarantee unrivalled standards in everything we do. Quality is of utmost importance to GrayFish Marketing and nothing we do leaves our doors before being rigorously tested, scrutinised and assured. You can rest assured therefore that the work you're paying for will be of the highest quality and standard.


Our clients appreciate the way we integrate with their organizations to make our online expertise function as a seamless extension of their own skills and experience. We deliver the skills that you are unable to source internally, and pride ourselves on the knowledge transfer we give, growing our client's understanding of the medium during your work with us. There is no agency/client divide, but rather one project team.