About us

At GrayFish Marketing, we believe that the design process is a collaboration. By combining our creative strengths with your in-depth understanding of the your industry, we will be able to create a communication tool that brings results.

Our core values.

We Foster Education

There is always a better way, and at GrayFish Marketing we are constantly questioning that. Curiosity fuels us to learn more, discover new approaches, and find out how we can be most effective in this ever growing field. By being curious, we learn. Curiosity is what fuels a lot of our marketing strategies.

We Pursue Excellence

GrayFish Marketing brings passion to every facet of our work. We live for digital marketing, data, and generating results. Most importantly, we have a passion for delighting our clients. Passion is what drives excellence. By loving what you do, it translates into responsive customer service, deep industry insights, and/or becoming a customer of our clients.

We Practice Honesty

Honesty is important with hiring a web designer and digital marketer. Our proposals are thorough and give you a honest approach with our scope of work outlined along with a timeline of when things should be expected to be met. GrayFish Marketing will not lead you to believe something that isn't attainable.

we never partake in decaf

If you're familiar with that quote, we will get along especially well. As you can see, we love coffee here. The more coffee, the better. A great place for us to meet clients is at a coffee shop, a great place to do work is at a coffee shop, and we stay fueled on coffee. This business was started on late nights fueled with coffee.

Ryan Hoess

Ryan Hoess

The idea behind GrayFish Marketing came late at night, fueled by many cups of coffee and a deadline needing to be met for a client who needed help getting their website fixed up. Unexperienced in owning a small business, Ryan kept taking on small jobs here and there and found that this was something that could really be made into something much bigger. There was not only a need, but an approach he could take to make it stand out from the rest. He put pen to paper and wrote out a business plan and got to work...

Ryan's journey into web design started early on, where he would lock himself in his bedroom and play around in Photoshop and teach himself code (much to his mother's concern). Fully self-taught in the beginning, his training is all through trial and error, many hours of webinars, coding, and any type of educational source he could get for what was in his budget, Ryan has grown into a full-blown web designer who knows what he's doing.

Our process.

Strategy and Research

This is when we start asking questions. By understanding your self-image, goals, project limitations, and desired outcomes, we will be able to successfully target the necessary audience with our website design. During this phase, we will research the intended audiences, study the competition, and determine the physical scope of the website.

at this stage we will provide:

01. A design brief describing our understanding of the project's goals and parameters.

02. A detailed schedule to guide the progress.

03. A preliminary site template and page hierarchy.


Creative Exploration & Concept Design

This is when we get creative. By collaborating in brain storming sessions, our team now develops ideas that will visually express your core message. Every choice from layout and color, to type size and style, is made with your brand in mind. Once the best ideas are chosen, we will develop initial concepts that will be presented for you to review.

At this stage we will provide:

01. Design strategies/concepts using customized Wordpress templates.

02. One or more graphic options for each strategy/concept.

Concept Approval & Initial Development

This is when we make some decisions. Out of the three design concepts we present to you in phase two, you will select your favorite and then we will work with you to turn that concept into a comprehensive design. In this phase, we will also purchase a web domain (if you do not already have one), secure a web host, finalize the site map, decide on any multimedia components to be used, and start building out the pages.

At this stage we will:

01. Select a design concept for fine-tuning and incorporate your feedback and revisions into site design.

02. Create site breakdown - final site map, style sheets, color palette, navigation, illustration, and photography needs.

03. Purchase theme, install Wordpress and any related tools or plug-ins, and review programming expectations and limitations of site.

04. Develop site artwork and present artwork for approval.

Production Management & Implementation

This is when things get serious. We work with you to create and gather needed text and images to add to the website. We then proof and improve the design, triple-check all content and functionality, and prepare the design for final production. In this phase, we also schedule a WordPress training session for you so that you are able to easily access and update your site as you please.

At this stage we will:

01. Incorporate artwork feedbacks and revisions and finalize any illustration, photography, and any required animation.

02. Provide you with a final off-line preview of the website to review and perform multi-platform Mac and Windows testing on several browsers.

03. Enter key words and meta tags for page indexing.

04. Set up Google Analytics and any staff emails (if applicable)

Outcome Evaluation

This is when we monitor progress. Just because the site has gone live does not mean our job is finished. We want to know how it’s working and if it’s producing results. During this phase we gather feedback and evaluate what the response has been from the target audiences.